Dacia Dyer

Dacia is an avid traveler, storyteller, and author of the new novel Love’s Road Home. She lived in the UK for several years, where she fell in love with the land, its myths, and its people. While there, she began writing her first romance novel, Selkie, and continues to set many of her stories in that beloved place.

Dacia has been a lifelong writer and was first published at age 12 in her hometown’s local newspaper, The Arvada Sentinel, for an article she wrote about her elementary school’s history. Dacia recently completed a memoir writing course and is working on her first memoir.

Dacia currently lives in her hometown of Arvada, Colorado, where she enjoys time reading, writing, and communing with the natural world around her. She is a Proud Crazy Cat Lady, a practicing Eclectic Solitary Witch, (some stereotypes are based in fact) and a novice/wannabe gardener. 

Dacia standing on a seaside cliff, hair blowing in the wind, with the ocean behind her
Somewhere along the North Atlantic Sea coast, on a road trip of a lifetime in Ireland