Love's Road Home
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When Ellie Worthing learned of a surprise inheritance, half a world away, she thought it would be a minor disruption in an otherwise orderly and contented life. What she hadn’t expected was to find a lost branch of her family tree, a past riddled with more secrets than answers and a man who would help her remember what it means to love.

Alasdair MacDonald had been running away from his past, but when his family needs his help, he discovers that it is much more satisfying to run towards the future. Especially one that involves a fascinating and beautiful woman. As he helps her adjust to her new found wealth and family history, will he be able convince her to stay and build a future with him?
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Haunted by his past, he became her future.

Connor had been dealt enough blows recently. Cheated on and then abandoned, he was not interested in women or the trouble they brought. That is until the night that Talia Redburn walked into his pub. Something about her quiet, unassuming ways pulled at him and he couldn’t help but want to discover more.

Things couldn’t get much worse for Talia. Losing her rotten job and facing eviction, she had no one to turn to until an old college friend invited her to the wilds of Scotland to house sit. Taking a risk, she left all she knew behind and ventured to a place she’d seen only in her dreams. There she met the fascinating and infuriating Connor Mackenzie who taught her what it means to belong somewhere.
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