Why I write… and other confessions

May 12, 2021 , in Writing

Dun-dun-dun DA!!!

Welcome to my new website and first blog post!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged (over 5 years, in fact). I’m sure it’ll come back to me, just like riding a bike. Ha! Just kidding, I haven’t ridden a bike in over 20 years. But that’s enough stalling… time to get to it.

What you’re all hear to read about… Why I write.

Boy, that’s a big question! I could tell you about how I started writing short story books in 2nd grade. Or how I was published in the local newspaper in 6th grade with an article I wrote about my school. Or, maybe, I could tell you the story of how my first romance came to life one spring day in Ireland. Well, I'll tell you all those stories at some point but for now let me just say...


The simple answer is – because I must.


As the great shoe artist Holly Kennedy says in one of my favorite movies, P.S. I Love You:

Actually, what Holly was awkwardly spouting on that road in Ireland, surprisingly hits remarkably close to the heart of it.

I create because I have Soooooo many stories in my mind, swirling and dancing around all the time, that I have to get them out of me, or go mad. Since I’d prefer not to go crazier than I already am, I choose to write. (More to come later on all the various book projects/ideas/visions floating in my cerebrum.)


So then… why do I write Romance?

Well, that’s a little more complicated. You see, I LOVE to read all kinds of genres. (Though I do steer clear of horror and true crime, as I really like sleeping without nightmares.) Romance, a la Nora Roberts, came into my life a bit later. I had previously shunned such “silly novels” as those only suited for older, sadder, and lonelier women than me in my late 20’s.

First, I want to deeply apologize to all Romance readers and writers in the world. And especially to Nora Roberts, who is in fact a genius, and someone I admire greatly for her breadth and depth of the craft. Second, I’d love to go back in time to smack that book snob of a young-me upside the head.


Is some Romance silly? Yes.

Is it for sad, lonely, old women? FUCK no!!

It’s for any and everyone looking for… fun, adventure, hot steamy times, or that sweet butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling when two potential lovers lock eyes with each other.

I write Romance for the same reason I read it… I crave the warm fuzzy feeling inside when all ends well, despite whatever random shit gets in the way. We so rarely have the certainty of happy endings in everyday life. It’s nice to know that, just for a little while, I can escape to a place where hope and love win the day. Every. Time.

Why I write Romance is because I love that feeling of knowing two characters are “destined” (i.e., obviously written) to be together, but must first overcome some obstacle (usually a self-created one). I love the secret stares, the barely-there touches and all the little nuances that happen before they confess their true feelings.

Thus, in the immortal words of William Blake, via Holly Kennedy:

I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.

Welcome to my new business… and look for more to come soon!