My Own Personal Fairytale

Aug 08, 2022 , in Behind the scenes

Wowwee!! What a crazy, unbelievable, fantastical, magical, roller-coaster of a year it’s been for me. 

It all started last August, when, after three years of trying to do the online dating thing and being supremely unsuccessful, something finally happened – a guy chatted with me on the app. 

Now, that in itself wasn’t unusual. I’ve had lots of random chats on various apps over the years. What was unusual about this time was that…. We continued chatting! 

We moved from the app to our phone numbers pretty quickly, and then after a week of some great back and forth, we had our first date. 

Flash forward to now…

We’re married and going to have our first child!!!

Say whaaaaaaaaa????

I’ve read SO MANY romance novels (and written a couple of my own), that have had similarly quick relationship buildups, but never in a 1,000 years would I have expected to have my own romance bloom quite like this.

So how did it all come about? Honestly, it’s still kind of a mystery to me. All I know is that after the first date, we couldn’t wait to see each other again and subsequently went out the next four days in a row. And it just kept going from there. I’m still a little shocked at how easeful everything felt along the way. 

To be quite honest, at first he seemed a little… well, bland. He’s an accountant and shy, kind of old-fashioned and very gentlemanly. Isn’t that what we should want though? A nice, stable and sweet person in our lives. Unfortunately, I’ve also watched A LOT of romcoms throughout my life and there’s always that strangely appealing trope of having to overcome a man’s rudeness and sometimes downright degrading behavior towards his love interest before the couple rides off into the sunset together. 

And yes… I’ve lived most of my life, chasing after emotionally or sometimes physically unavailable men. Until now, that is.

Now I have a wonderful, caring, silly (sometimes downright goofy!) man in my life with whom I enjoy spending so much time. Underneath his ‘boring’ facade he’s a fascinating mix of extreme dorkiness and practical know-how. He’s energetic, almost too much at times, and also chill. He feels deeply and can reason tough situations out. 

I won’t say he completes me, because we are all complete on our own. But he’s the very best companion, partner, husband, and soon to be father, I could ever have hoped for. I’m very glad I never gave up trying to find love and I’m beyond grateful that we found each other after our many years of trying. 

Here’s to many more years of love, laughter and joyous adventures, Charlie!! 


Dacia and Charlie on a cliff at sunset