The Light at Litha

The Light at Litha
Jun 20, 2021

June is here and that means sun, heat, and mosquitos—oh my!

To tell the truth (because apparently that’s going to be a thing on my blog)… I Hate the summer.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I loved having summers off from school. I love the longer days and all the growing things. But I abso-fucking-lutely Hate the Heat. (And I’m not that big a fan of the sun in general, either.)

I’d much, much rather live in a colder climate and deal with snow, ice, and live under a million blankets than dealing with the high temperatures and dry lands. And this summer has already been scorching! It hit over 100º two days in a row, where I live in Colorado. In June.

That’s not right.

But there’s hope out there still. With this month, comes the turning of the wheel. The Wheel of the Year that is.